Art in the Garden Tour 2006

July 16 a very hot week finished with Gateway Arts Council’s “Art in the Garden” Tour. I didn’t attend, however my mom (Rose Goins) snapped some pictures and I’ll post and comment the best I can.

I spent some time helping in the garden of Janet and Roger Aschenbach. Their hillside home has some unique garden features.


The foliage here behind the rabbits is Crownvetch.



Water Garden



A unique feature in this garden, the pond is elevated a couple feet next to a
small patio area.





The back lawn made a great gathering point surrounded by blooming borders.




A shady planting by the garden shed.



Home and Garden of Walt and
Carol Bennett


The Bennet’s newly remodeled ranch home has some interesting architectural
features like this mission style pergola.





I love the way the grasses off the far corner of this house make a natural
transition to the wooded area.  (Click the image for a closer look)


Thumbnail gallery of the

Bennett Garden

Garden of John and Anne Elson


Some topiary and standards add a formal feel to Elson home.





A collection of large Oak and Hickory trees surround the front
yard pond.

Gallery of the

Elson Garden.

Garden of Victoria Gatewood

A well maintained backyard garden, labeled for the show.

Hey!  There is art in this garden.  The painting tones even seem to reflect the coneflowers colors.



A very healthy looking Oak Leaf Hydrangea.  (Hydrangea

Gatewood Garden Gallery

Garden of Robert & Patricia Miller

A tree-form of Hibiscus syriacus, or Rose of Sharon.

An inviting spot for the local birds!

Garden of Dennis and Rita Sollmann

Yes English Ivy can be used effectively in some areas!

Visitors were bowled over by the boulder border.

Happy artist at work.
Teresa Wenrick
works the clays on her potters wheel.

Sollman garden gallery

Jackson Towers Memorial

The gardens surrounding Jackson
Towers retirement community is overseen by director Judy Wells of the Shelby
County Metro Housing Authority.

Hakone grasses
border the street side plantings.

I thought this was an awesome combination of double wave
petunias and lemon licorice vine.

This newly planted corner should develop nicely, though the
Rudbeckia will eventually get shaded out.

There is plenty of park-like seating around this facility.

Jackson Tower gallery