Great Springtime Blooms

I’m still amazed at some of the heavy blooms we had this past spring.  It seemed every tree was covered in color.

Row of Blooming Prariefire CrabapplesRows of crabapples competed for attention Prarie Fire Skyat the garden center with floriferous branches of pink and white.  The bloom set on crabapples was so heavy that the new leaves were tiny in compensation, making some wonder about their health.  The leaves starting now are full size as the trees have recovered from the energy drain of cranking out all those flowers.

Royal Burgundy Cherry BlossomsRoyal Burgundy CherryThe Royal Burgundy Cherry planted by a small water feature drew it’s usual gasps of admiration, with it’s unusual double pink flowers.  I wonder how many more years this one has in it?  Trees from the Prunus genus (Cherries, Plums,Almond…) tend to be short-lived.  This one is starting to show some of the cracking and seeping in the trunk we expect from a cherry tree this age.  It’s Royal Burgundy Cherry Skybeen such a great performer I won’t hesitate to plant another in it’s place.