Severe Storm 08/20/2009

I was driving across town during the storm last night.  On the radio, over the sound of lightning strikes nearly every second, a funnel cloud sighting was announced nearby. Gusts of leaf and twig filled wind blasted my truck from side to side as the sound of hail hitting the bed topper made me feel like it was being hit by machine gun fire.  In other words… it was kinda fun!  🙂

On the down side there is some cleanup and repair to do now at the garden center.  Billboards and a sign blew over at the front of the property.  Even some sweet corn planted by a fence was blown over.

At nearby Lehman High School a football team took shelter in a buildings shower area where the roof vents blew off and 3/4 inch hail was falling through.

I hate these billboards anyway, wish they had all blown over! But I guess they will just go back up again…